Project Overview

Latest Update Date:  December 16, 2020

The University of Texas at Arlington is moving forward with modern device management by installing the latest advancements in encryption and security management– Native Encryption Bitlocker and Microsoft Intune. The purpose of the project is to further strengthen the security infrastructure and ensure compliance with state, federal, and local laws and regulations.

Bitlocker will replace SecureDoc and ensures multilayer protection against unauthorized changes from phishing attempts, cyber-attacks, criminals, security breaches, and hackers on Windows-based systems through the encryption of disk or storage drives. Intune is a cloud-based modern device management system that offers flexibility when working remotely and access to data on any UTA device at any time.



  • Increases security for lost and stolen devices by ensuring the recoverability of data for authorized personnel only and making it inaccessible to unauthorized third parties by encrypting devices, enabling passwords, and generating recovery keys.
  • Produces greater opportunities for increased savings through the combination of the security portfolio and the reduction of annual licensing for SecureDoc.
  • Achieves verifiable compliance with federal and state regulations through the comprehensive and accurate security reporting of all enrolled or registered UTA owned devices.
  • Increases productivity through time-saving automation by providing access to UTA software and security policies through a web-based console thereby minimizing actions required by faculty, staff, and IT personnel.