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The Fall Academic and Course Planning Task Force has developed a plan that provides the best possible educational experience for UTA’s students in an environment that complies with health guidelines concerning the pandemic… READ THE REPORT.




The Fall Academic and Course Planning Task Force is working to devise a plan to safely return students to campus in a limited form for the fall 2020 semester.

Through sub-groups, the task force is addressing concerns such as logistics, class modality, international students, faculty workload and training, and communication, all related to safely opening the UTA campus for students. The task force is collaborative, cross-functional and representative of the diversity, strength and experience that UTA can bring to bear on large challenges.

Additional information related to COVID-19 is available on the UTA coronavirus website, and Faculty and Staff Resources. 


  1. Project Schedule:  Complete list of tasks required to successfully achieve the desired project outcome.
  2. Risk Register:  Detailed list of risks that may impact the success of this project.
  3. Academic Plan:  Full list of recommendations and projects that need to occur to support/prepare for the Fall 2020 semester.

Task Force Members


Pranesh Aswath


Provost Office

Katie Hageman


Provost Office

Nicole Mancone-Fisher



Conroy Kydd


Registrar’s Office

Ehren Wixson


CFO Office

Karen Krause


Financial Aid-Enrollment Management

Kimshi Hickman


 Division of Student Success 

Molly Albart


 Student Affairs 

Maria Martinez-Cosio


Provost Office-Faculty Affairs

Jay Horn


Office of international Education

Harry Dombroski



Dan Cavanagh



Lynn Peterson


Faculty-Undergraduate Assembly-COE

Laura Mydlarz


Faculty-Undergraduate Assembly-COS 

Edgardo Nieves



Lee Pierce



 Keith Halman



 Jeff Carlton 


University Advancement

Kirsty Dymond


 Legal Affairs

Donald Lange



Ashley Purgason


 Division of Student Success

Candice Calhoun-Butts

Accelerated Online-CONHI

Peggy Semingson

Faculty Senate – COEd

Raymond Jackson

Graduate School

Joanna Merritt

University Analytics

Bill Carroll

Faculty Senate

Rebecca Lewis

Inst Effectiveness and Report

Amber Smallwood

Provost Office