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The Office of Information Technology is providing the campus with NetIDplus, a form of multi-factor authentication that ensures protection to your sensitive data through a simple two-step process to validate user identity. When accessing UTA services off campus using a web-based browser, you will be asked for something you know (your login credentials) and something you have (a personal device).

NetIDplus powered by Duo for faculty and staff

For faculty and staff, NetIDplus powered by Duo will be the form of multi-factor authentication used. When off campus, you will be required to use your NetID login credentials and then have your identity verified through a secondary device, such as a personal phone or office phone number. This two-step process provides an extra layer of defense for your sensitive data from potential theft or misuse.

NetIDplus powered by Microsoft Authenticator for students

Students can now enjoy off-campus web protection on their Microsoft Office 365 accounts with multi-factor authentication NetIDplus powered by Microsoft Authenticator.  When logging into your Microsoft 365 account off campus, you will need your login credentials (something they know) and a secondary device, such as a cell phone (something you have) to confirm user identity. When accessing other UTA resources off campus other than Microsoft Office 365, students will need to use NetIDplus powered by Duo. The same two-step process will be required and students can follow the same guidelines that were previously stated.  

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