About BPI

The Business Process Improvement (BPI) team offers consultation on streamlining processes in an effort to decrease administrative burden, enhance student experience and build capacity for growth.

We provide services to facilitate team discussions, illustrate the “current state” and “future state” process maps, and brainstorm solutions.

The Business Process Improvement Team

The BPI Team is available to work with any campus department. Submit a ServiceNow Request for help or reach out to one of our process specialists via Microsoft Teams.

Karen Kusler
Karen focuses on institution-wide process changes that require working closely with the Project Management Office.

Greg Martin
Greg focuses on process changes involving business administration units including business affairs, human resources, payroll, and facilities.

Candice Beckman
Candice focuses on process changes involving academic units and students including the provost, registrar, admissions, colleges and academic departments.



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Process Tools

Training & Certificate Program

The Process Improvement Certificate Program is designed for all UTA employees who wish to learn and implement process improvement practices in their teams and departments.

Participants who successfully complete all three courses will qualify for a process improvement certificate.


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Certificate Program Overview

  • Foundations of Process Improvement– Explore the methods used in addressing process issues to make effective changes.
  • Advanced Process Improvement– Practice applying tools to improve your work environment.

  • Practitioner of Process Improvement– Apply techniques and tools to lead process change efforts.

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