About CPI

The Change and Process Improvement (CPI) team offers consultation on streamlining processes in an effort to decrease administrative burden, enhance student experience and build capacity for growth. We provide services to facilitate team discussions, illustrate the “current state” and “future state” process maps, and brainstorm solutions.

The Change and Process Improvement Team

The team works on institution-wide process changes that require working closely with the Project Management Office and cross-functional project teams. In addition to working large processes, the team provides training and consultation to employees across campus who seek to document (analyze, learn) and improve processes in their area.

The CPI Team is available to work with any campus employee or department.

All employees at UTA have access to join the Process Improvement Community in Microsoft Teams. The team contains resources, tools, and templates related to process improvement. Members also have access to learning sessions hosted throughout the year.

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We are here to help the university on its journey to provide students with a supportive environment throughout their academic career. The Business Process Improvement Team’s goals(guiding) are to:

  • Facilitate the documentation, discussions, and improvement of processes across campus
  • Assist with the documentation and implementation of relevant and efficient processes that help the university provide services that meet students' needs when they need them.
  • Reduce waste in administrative processes in order to provide staff more time to do the important work of connecting with and supporting students.
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement by training employees on how to conduct process improvement within their daily processes

Karen Kusler
Karen Kusler has over 30 years of experience in higher education. Her background includes 15 years of process improvement in higher education institutions. Throughout her career, she has worked for and consulted with over 20 institutions. Karen has taught process improvement to students across the US during her career.

Candice Beckman
Candice Beckman has over 10 years of higher education experience with UTA including work with Information Technology, Business Affairs, Distance Education, and Continuing Education. Her experience includes a wide knowledge of university applications and systems including Canvas and PeopleSoft. She has an in-depth knowledge of project management and university processes.

Tabitha Wiles 
Tabitha Wiles joined UTA in 2021. Her background includes personal and professional process improvement through coaching and development plans, training facilitation and development, and managing operations. In her years of experience, Tabitha has developed a broad knowledge of people, support, applications, and systems within higher education and the telecommunication industry. She enjoys supporting people and improving processes while discovering new ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Rebecca Holmes
Rebecca Holmes has worked in higher education for over 5 years. Her background in manufacturing provided a strong foundation in continuous process improvement. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, her goals focus on customer satisfaction and enhancing operations. She enjoys discovering new ways to collaborate and support other departments across campus and simplifying processes and changes.

Mistie Maskil
Mistie Maskil has over 12 years of experience in higher education. She has been with UTA since 2016 working in advising, and the registrar’s office. Her experience includes working and connecting with multiple departments across the university. She also has over 15+ years of building communities through volunteering and attending employee events, book clubs, reading events and making connections and friendships.

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Training Program

The Process Improvement Training Program is designed for all UTA employees who wish to learn and implement process improvement practices in their teams and departments. Participants receive a certificate upon completion of each course.


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Program Overview

  • Foundations of Process Improvement– Explore the methods used in addressing process issues to make effective changes.
  • Advanced Process Improvement– Practice applying tools to improve your work environment.

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