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UTA faculty and staff can now send and receive faxes via email with RightFax.  This software allows users to fax via email and eliminates the need for fax machines and fax cards in copiers.  Faxes sent to a specific phone number will appear in an email instead.

RightFax can be made available to your staff group or department at any time. 

To request RightFax for your team, please create a request ticket in ServiceNow, and include the following information: 

  1. A list of fax numbers currently assigned to your department
  2. An email address you want to associate with each fax number

    (Faxes sent to your fax number will be forwarded to the email address you specify. You may wish to have faxes sent to a shared mailbox so several members of your department can access the faxes, or to your administrative assistant’s email address.)

No setup is needed to send faxes using RightFax.  To send a fax using RightFax, simply email the document you wish to fax by following these steps: 

  1. Open a new email in Outlook.
  2. Attach the document you wish to fax.
  3. Type the fax number in the "to" line of the email and include @uta.fax at the end. (For example, 8171234567@uta.fax)
  4. Send the fax.

For more information, please Contact OIT Service Desk or use the links located on this article.