Service Audience

Mission Statement: Telecommunication Services is a service provider. Our purpose is to provide the University with the highest quality communication services to help the University fulfill its teaching, research, and community service responsibilities.

Articulation of how unit mission/purpose relates to University mission:
Quality telecommunications enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of University operations. Efficient University operations promote a 'student centered academic community'.

Main functions:

  1. Provide efficient, effective, economical telecommunications technology to the University community.
  2. Use new technology to support departments, enabling them to better serve students.
  3. Provide clear and concise departmental telephone charges to University departments.
  4. Provide timely service to our current and future customers within the University community.
  5. Plan proactively to meet the University's current and future telecommunication needs.

Telecom Policies and Procedures

General Information

Long Distance Calling

Telephone Installation

Long Distance Telephone Usage/Cellular Telephone Usage

Voice Messaging User Guides

Specification Standards for Communications Systems


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