Project Overview

The University of Texas Arlington has chosen QuestionPro as our centrally-supported online survey research tool. 

What is QuestionPro? 

QuestionPro enables faculty, staff and students to create and conduct unlimited surveys for university-related academic or administrative purposes. 

The tool offers a range of features to create web forms, conduct offline research studies, collect and analyze data, and more.  

Isupports in-depth analysis and allows data to be exported. QuestionPro includes a migration tool which allows users to import surveys and data from Qualtrics.

Why is the University moving to QuestionPro?

Per UT System procurement regulations, a selection committee representing faculty, researchers, and administrative staff performed a bid process to select a new survey tool.

Ultimately, the bid was awarded to QuestionPro after it was determined that QuestionPro met and/or exceeded the functionality and features found in Qualtrics. 

It can scale to meet our needs for a larger user base and content volume. QuestionPro is also deployed at an enterprise level at other large Higher Education institutions.

Can data be migrated from Qualtrics and used in QuestionPro?

QuestionPro has a migration tool which allows users to import surveys and data from Qualtrics.

This help file describes the process for migrating surveys from Qualtrics to QuestionPro.

When is Qualtrics no longer available?

Qualtrics will be unavailable after July 17, 2020.  Users are encouraged to download their Qualtrics data before this date.

Is there training and support for QuestionPro? 

  • Yes.  You can register for a training class starting May 11. 
  • Users are encouraged to review the Resource Guide for more information.
  • Additionally, QuestionPro offers webinars, live sessions, support articles with step-by-step instructions, and 24/7 technical support.
  • Learn more on the Help page.

How can I access QuestionPro?

QuestionPro will be available at on May 19.

If you need access to QuestionPro before May 19, please reach out to our project team at