UTA is focusing on researching, selecting, implementing, and deploying an enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) solution to enhance our student experience from the moment they are prospects, become students, and continue through graduation. The CRM solution will allow the University to maintain student data and interactions from a single data source. This will provide an accurate and holistic view of each constituent resulting in a more efficient and higher quality outreach for any individual or organization that interacts with the University. 

Why CRM?

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy of organizing business activities around constituents by gaining a comprehensive perspective of the constituent in terms of their total relationship and interactions (emails, campaigns, phone calls, texts, events, etc.) with the institution. If done well, CRM yields the following benefits:

  • Increased Constituent Acquisition
  • Lower Cost of Constituent Acquisition
  • Increase Constituent Retention & Satisfaction
  • Build Constituent Loyalty
  • Increased Operational Efficiency


Updated schedule coming soon.

Project details

Project Governance

This group is responsible for giving guidance in the selection of the CRM product(s), developing a strong understanding of the capabilities of a CRM, identifying  business unit’s needs and objectives, identifying key processes and benefits that can be realized from a CRM, acting as a project sponsor and communicating the project objectives and status to each of the organizational areas they represent, in helping establish priorities and metrics for the multiple phases of the project, and participating in discussions with the Project Executive Committee as needed.

Project steering committee: 

  • Sr Assoc VP Institutional Advancement - Joe Carpenter
  • Director VP for Student Affairs - Molly Albart
  • Executive Director Enrollment Management - Scot Mertz
  • Executive Director College of Education - Brian Brown
  • Director of Recruitment College of Engineering - Lin Larson
  • Assistant VP Business Services - Ehren Wixson
  • Associate Director of Graduate and International Recruitment - Sebastian Fuentes
  • Assistant Director OIT Project Management Office - Ana Millan
  • Director University Analytics - Committee Chair - Michael Schmid
  • Director OIT Digital Product and Development - Deepika Chalemela
  • Assoc Professor CAPPA - David Coursey
  • Executive Director IT for Campus Operations - Chris Fulton
  • Assoc Dean Graduate Office - Joe Jackson
  • Interim Exec Director Center for Distance Education - Rick McCreary
  • Director Division of Student Success - Heather Scalf
  • Assoc Vice Provost Faculty Affairs - Maria Cosio-Martinez
  • Executive Director International Education - Jay Horn
  • Asst Dean of Enrollment and Student Services, College of Nursing and Health Innovation - Candice Calhoun-Butts

Executive Committee:

This group is responsible for setting the vision and strategy for the implementation and use of the product, acting as project champion across the organization, providing project oversight and make timely decisions, assisting with evaluation and selection of CRM product, establishing priorities and resolve issues escalated from the Project Sponsors and/or Project Manager, and evaluating changes in organizational strategy and assessing possible impact on the project.

  • CFO and Vice President Kelly Davis kdavis@uta.edu
  • VP Enrollment Management - Troy Johnson
  • Chief Information Officer - Jeff Neyland
  • VP Student Affairs - Lisa Nagy
  • Chief of Staff and Assoc VP - Salma Adem
  • Assoc Vice Provost Division of Student Success - Ashley Purgason
  • University Attorney - Shelby Boseman
  • Dean College of Business - Committee Chair - Harry Dombroski
  • Sr Assoc Dean College of Nursing - Beth Mancini
  • Chief Analytics Officer - Pete Smith
  • VP Global Education Outreach - Teresea Madden