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SAS OnDemand

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SAS OnDemand provides free statistical and quantitative software for UTA students.

This software can be useful for economics, social sciences, computer science, business, medical and health sciences, engineering, and more. The software can be downloaded or launched in the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

Additionally, SAS OnDemand provides an online community where users can interact and receive support. Video tutorials walk users through the basics of SAS programming and statistical analysis.

SAS OnDemand can be a useful supplement to course materials and help students gain analytical and problem-solving skills.

For more information, please go to the OIT Knowledge Base or use the links located on this article.

Purchasing a licensed copy is recommended for UTA Faculty and Staff who want to use SAS. The free tools offered by SAS are not yet approved for statistical analysis with UTA data. UT Austin centrally distributes all SAS licenses for UT System Schools. You can go here to begin that process: (hyperlink:

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