Project Overview

The Canvas Catalog project addresses the need for a universal platform for campus to provide non-academic open enrollment courses to the UTA community and the public.

With the implementation of the new Learning Management System, the opportunity to incorporate a centralized online training and open enrollment platform has become available using Canvas Catalog. The catalog provides a simple user interface that displays an online course catalog that connects to the Canvas LMS. This catalog allows UTA to build a robust offering of non-academic courses for campus users and the public. Participants can easily view offerings and register for courses.

The Canvas Catalog project is running in tandem with the Canvas project for academic courses. There are numerous organizations currently in Blackboard that will be transitioning over to Canvas by the end of 2019. Additionally, with the addition of Canvas Catalog, new course opportunities are available for departments and organizations on campus to disseminate training and knowledge to their students and employees.

Project details

Project Scope

The Canvas Catalog project supports employees and departments with the implementation of the business-related training courses in the non-academic portion of canvas including training, migration support from Blackboard, and other third-party applications that business units are currently using. Additionally, the project will introduce business departments to the option to use Canvas for new training purposes.

Catalog Users

The following areas are slated to use Canvas Catalog. Additional groups are being continually added to this list. Departments and groups interested in using Catalog can submit a request via ServiceNow.

  • Compliance Services
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Internal Review Board
  • OIT Training
  • Business Affairs
  • UT Share Training
  • Library
  • Apartment & Residence Life

Implementation Timeline/ Phases

Canvas Catalog was purchased in late June 2019 and is currently being implemented by OIT. Once the tool has been completely configured, OIT will begin working with departments by request to set up catalog listings. The first phase of catalog listing creation will include free open enrollment courses with a focus on members of the UTA community. In 2020 catalog listings will be available for departments who wish to charge a fee for an open enrollment online courses that are open to the public. Additional information about the process for listing courses for a fee will become available in the first quarter of 2020.