Project Overview

The University of Texas at Arlington is implementing a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system that will enhance the student experience by providing an accurate and holistic view of the student lifecycle. CRM will allow UTA to make strategic and operational decisions to further streamline customer-focused processes and customize interactions with the University. The purpose is to provide a solution that will help foster stronger relationships and interactions resulting in increased admissions and retention rates.


Through the collection, management, and analysis of student data obtained by the CRM system, the university will be able to gain valuable insights that:

  • Promote personalized experiences by customizing messages to constituents across various channels while storing responses into a single database.
  • Enrich student experience through improved and consistent communication based on their interactions with the University as prospects and students.
  • Create stronger and personal relationships with prospective and current students through conversations and responses tailored to their specific preferences.
  • Provide consistent and coordinated communication campaigns from Enrollment Management and Colleges.
  • Boost positive communications between prospective and existing students and the University by implementing mass email, event, and travel interactions campaigns.
  • Promote long-lasting relationships with prospective and existing students by establishing a 360-degree view of Constituent interactions.
  • Establish a foundation for a 100% UTA-managed application, which includes University, college, or program-specific applications.