Project Details

Last Updated On: 03-15-21


To successfully incorporate CRM in the university, the project must complete the following steps:

  1. Evaluation and Selection
  2. Research and Development
  3. Validation and Testing
  4. Training
  5. Implementation

overview of CRM process showing icons for each major section

a clipboard with checklist, the icon for evaluation and selection Evaluation and Selection

a circle with the letter "i" inside it, symbol for gather information
1. Gather Information : The departments or groups submit information to the Steering Committee to evaluate eligibility to receive CRM.

a magnifying glass next to a checklist, the symbol for evaluate qualifications
2. Evaluate Qualifications : The Steering Committee evaluates potential departments or groups that should receive CRM according to the qualifications scorecard.

a building symbol for select dept or group
3. Select Department or Group: The Steering Committee and the CRM Executive Committee selects the next group or department to receive CRM.

a target, symbol for determine objectives and outcomes
4. Determine Objectives and Outcomes : The Steering Committee determines overall objectives and outcomes.

a group of people, symbol for add new representation
5. Add New Representation : New representatives from the selected department or group will be added to the appropriate CRM teams.

a puzzle piece with a magnifying glass, the icon for research and development Research and Development

a person's head with a question mark, symbol for gather requirements
6. Gather Requirements : The Core CRM Project Team with added representatives will gather requirements from the selected group or department to fulfill pre-determined objectives and outcomes defined by the Steering Committee.

a command terminal, symbol for program new requirements
7. Program New Requirements : The Core CRM Project Team will work with the implementation partner to configure the CRM software to meet the essential requirements of the selected department or group.

an icon of a piece of paper labeled "test" and a pencil, the symbol for validation and testing Validation and Testing

a circle with a checkmark, symbol for data validation
8. Data Validation : The Core CRM Project Team will conduct a review to ensure data accuracy, relevance, and security.

a group of people surrounding a circle with check mark, symbol for user acceptance testing
9. User Acceptance Testing : The selected department or group will test the software to ensure the product is able to complete the required tasks associated with their work.

an icon of someone teaching a class, the symbol for training Training

icon of a person pointing to a presentation, symbol for training
10. Training : Training and other resources, such as Job Aids and training guides, will be provided to the selected department or group.

a lightbulb pointing to a gear, the symbol for implementation Implementation

a gear icon, symbol for update CRM system
11. Update CRM System : The changes in the production or live version of CRM will be turned on and access to the system will be granted to the new department or group.

Unless previously discussed as part of the project, all other changes or additions to the CRM system will need approval from the CRM Governance Committee after the update to the live version of CRM.