New constituent relationship management program connects students with UTA

Slate, UTA’s new constituent relationship management (CRM) solution, will revolutionize the way the University interacts with prospective students and their families.

Designed specifically for the changing needs of today’s prospective students, Slate gives UTA the ability to craft an automated and personalized communications strategy that addresses both the needs of the University and the student. This will give the University the ability to leverage data typically captured in multiple systems—or not at all—to identify opportunities to help students reach their educational goals while also helping UTA reach its enrollment goals.

The Slate CRM is having a substantial impact helping Enrollment Management:

  • Target prospective students with automated, personalized messaging that caters to prospective students’ unique preferences, profiles, overall history, call details, and previous interactions with the
  • Improve the efficacy of recruitment strategies and
  • Analyze data patterns and create more accurate
  • Understand the full history of a student’s interactions, messaging, and event

What’s the latest CRM piece launched and what’s next?

At the end of April, email campaigns targeting undergraduate students that have either been admitted or admitted and accepted their admission decision were launched. In the last month, students have engaged with the emails at twice the industry average.

Next, students will be given another way to apply to UTA—a CRM-hosted application. This will give the University more freedom and control over the application process. The goal is that this is faster and easier than ApplyTexas and will increase application submission rates at the same time.

As we continue to take advantage of this new CRM solution, it will help to redefine, build, and cultivate deeper connections that will eventually lead to positive enrollment decisions and strengthen the University’s competitive advantage over other universities.

For more information, please visit the project website at recruitment/index.php.