Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to implement a workforce time management solution that interfaces with Oracle PeopleSoft system (UT Share HR system).

Currently, various processes are being followed throughout the campus to track employee time: TimePro clocks, Excel, SharePoint, paper forms. The new application will standardize and enhance employee timekeeping and absence management processes for the entire organization.

TCP was selected through an RFP bid process by the Timekeeping Evaluation team. TCP is a workforce management solution for time collection, absence/PTO management, and workforce scheduling, all in one application. The new system will be implemented to facilitate consistency in reporting hours worked and hours absent for various employee types (Faculty, Administrative and Professional, Classified Exempt, and Classified Non-exempt). The application will deliver accurate and timely notifications for both supervisors (or designated proxies) and payroll departments in order to streamline the time and labor functions.

TCP will have a two-way integration with the main system of records Oracle PeopleSoft (UT Share).

Project Pilot

A pilot is an initial smaller-scale implementation of the timekeeping project that will be used to work out issues and roadblocks prior to going live with the full project to the entire University.

Police Department successfully piloted the new timekeeping system for two full payroll cycles in November and December 2021.

Project resources

The Project Resources tab provides the following resources:

  • How to check your time balances in UTShare
  • Info Packet
  • January 2022 Timekeeper Introduction to TCP
  • May 2021 Forum and Manager's Resource Guide recording and slides
  • December 2020 Forum recording and slides
  • June 2020 Forum recording and slides