About The Project

Executive Summary

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), enrollment 60,000, proposes to launch an online transfer guide to increase the success of community college transfer students. We will introduce a powerful, dynamic, and user-friendly online platform designed to facilitate the transition from community college to university.

UTA will procure a tool from the market to respond to transfer students’ emerging needs: to quickly understand and respond efficiently to admission requirements, map out degree plans with precision, and connect education to career goals.

The platform promises to improve the admission and transition process with positive impact on retention and completion rates. Transfer students will receive early, convenient, and purposeful guidance that helps them avoid excessive courses or waste financial aid, factors that contribute to lack of student success.

Project details

Project 1 | Transferology
Transferology is a solution procured from the market that stacks on top of Enrollment Management's other College Source Product called the Transfer Equivalency System (TES).
The tool went live on 11/26! You can access the link to the transferology tool

Project 2 | Further Development in People Soft 
The scope of this project is centered around having one solution that can eventually be used throughout the students lifecycle, from prospect to graduation. We have brought in Huron Consulting to assist our OIT efforts in building out the Academic Planner and Schedule modules. Huron is currently working on Phase 3. In this phase the Huron and UTA will develop, configure, test and implement the first targeted components which evaluating transfer credit.   Given the overall short duration of this project from start to finish, Huron recommends that UTA focus on delivered and already proven functionality in the UTA environment.  

Key Activities and Accomplishments this week
Presented side by side comparison slide deck of delivered pages vs custom fluid pages
Resolved successful login automatically transferring to Transfer Credit landing page
Reviewed Prospect Creation Process with admissions team and related queries, identified additional report needs
Revision of language for pages underway by Alexis and her team

Key Activities Planned
Draft reports needed to support Prospect Creation Process, finalize queries
Finalize fluid conversion
Finalize language revisions for new pages

 Need to finalize solution to public landing page for account creation (coordination with Shared Services

Phase 3 Deliverables
  • Implementation of targeted functionality for 2019
  • Detailed plan for implementing functionality in 2020
Project Steering Committee
  • VP Enrollment Management - Troy Johnson
  • AVP Division of Student Success - Ashley Purgason
  • CIO OIT - Jeffery Neyland
  • Director, University Analytics - Michael Schmid
Project Team
  • AVP Enrollment Management - Kimshi Hickman
  • Executive Director, EM - Scott Mertz
  • Senior Director, University Advising - Liz Richter
  • Associate Registrar - Kimberly Tate
  • AVP, Enrollment Mgmt. - Rebecca Lothringer
  • Associate Director, Enrollment Management - Alexis Valdez
  • Registrar, Enrollment Management - Nichole Mancone Fisher
  • Executive Director, OIT - Keith Halman
  • Manager, OIT - Renee Stanley
  • Project Planning & Demand Manager - Stacey Fraser