Project Details

Project objectives:

  • Create a Teams-based self-service communication portal to include:
    • A job specific interactive dashboard.
    • Status alerts on automated and staff generated failed jobs.
    • A document repository for all automation jobs.
  • Provide a highly available, highly scalable solution.
  • Provide proactive and reactive support methodologies.
  • Divest from BMC Control-M no later than the June 2023 contract renewal. All project activities complete by June 2023.

 Project Scope:

  • Documented approach to move jobs currently existing in Control-M to Azure.
  • Notify job owners of upcoming migration based on scheduled phases.
  • Create a “built-as” document repository for all automation jobs.
  • Modify ServiceNow request form to reflect migration to Azure.
  • Implement a training plan with interactive work sessions detailing the use of the self-service communication portal.