About The Project


Explore the new digital signage that not only delivers the functionality of providing synchronized time, but the importance of timely communication across the university.  Faculty, staff, and students can experience this customized and real-time communication system that includes the date, time, weather, closures, alerts and status information.

The UTA inspired digital signage offers a wide variety of features, but the greatest advantage to our university is the integration with the existing UTA Police Emergency Notification System; thereby, allowing faculty, staff, and students:

  • Greater ability to quickly react to emergencies by receiving up-to-date notifications displayed in the classroom
  • Provide rapid, reliable, and vital communication that can be delivered campus-wide, by building, or individual room
  • Reduces the spread of misinformation by sending layered multi-channel and/or targeted notifications from officials

The Office of Information Technology is distributing the first handful of new digital signage starting with select classrooms in the Architecture (CAPPA) and the Science and Engineering Innovation and Research (SEIR) buildings. For more information about Digital Signage, contact the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208 or submit a self-service ticket.


Project Status:

  • Scope of “Digital Signage” has been expanded from 130 rooms to 189 rooms.
  • Infrastructure Buildout for the installation of power and electrical drops is in progress since 16 Dec 2019.
  • Installation of digital signs has also been in progress.
  • Campus Rollout After Infrastructure Buildout has been in progress since Dec 2019 until Jul 2020.


Project Milestone Description

Phase I – Digital Signage

Installation of infrastructure (data, power ports), network switch & configuration

Installation of all Hardware (digital signs) & Integration 

Emergency Channel Implementation

Managed Services – set up custom channel for communication

Portal Creation

Digital Communication Implementation for alerts and emergency messages only

Completion of Phase I is scheduled for 15 August 2020.